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10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Cusco

The Incas reckoned this place as the “Belly Button of the World”. Sprawled across the Huatanay River Valley, this place is the gateway to the ancient realms of the Sacred Valley and the lost city of Machu Pichu. This is Cusco- a place adored by magnificent landscape against the backdrop of the majestic Andes.

Cusco has been a hub for the travelers from all over the world. Here are a couple of facts about the city that might interest you:

  • Cusco witnessed the birth and rise of the Inca Empire. It was the capital city of the empire.
  • Located at an altitude of 3399 meters in Southern Peru, Cusco is the oldest city on the entire American continent with a history of continuous habitation for more than 3000 years.
  • This ancient city was established by Manco Capac in 1200 A.D. When Pachachuti became the Ruler in 1438 A.D, he expanded the area of Cusco. Very soon this city became the focal point of the Inca Empire.

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  • Commoners were not allowed in the city of Cusco. It was only meant for the Emperor, nobles and high ranking people in the Incan administration. The only exceptions were the servants and attendants of the Emperor and the noble men.
  • People in the city used to greet each other by saying “Ama Sua, Ama Quella, Ama Lulla” which means “Do not lie, do not steal, do not be lazy”. This city also lay the foundation of the Inca Law.
  • The Sacsayhuaman is one of the spectacular examples of Incan architecture. This fortress in built by joining huge stones, giving it a maze-like appearance. Do you know that these stones fit so closely that you cannot pass even a paper between them.
  • Do you know that this city is built in the shape of a puma? The head is the Sacsayhuaman fortress. The body consist important temples and buildings. The heart contained the Coriancha or Temple of the Sun God.

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  • After Francisco Pizarro entered Cusco in1533, it was ruined. The conquerors constructed colonial structures over the ruined structures. You’ll find an astonishing blend of colonial and Incan architecture throughout the city.
  • The Spanish who conquered Peru built some magnificent churches all around the city. You’ll find a church in every corner.
  • If you take a stroll around the labyrinthine streets, you will find descendants of the ancient Incas speaking in Quechua and wearing the traditional costume.

Grab your backpack and set out right now to explore this thriving place. You can get in touch with us to know more about the Cusco tours. You can even check our Cusco tour packages.

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