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Because Little Things Make a Difference

Apu Andino assist 2 nonprofits in our Country and we are very happy to do so.
We are in the Tourism Area and we know we can do more to help via our clients. We ask for material donations to our clients in order to distribute them the best way between these 2 nonprofits since the know better the situation and who really needs the donations:
  • Impacta Peru: non-profit institution dedicated to research in the fields of health and human behavior, consisting of multidisciplinary teams engaged in promoting the welfare of individuals and society.
  • We are also friends with Todas las Sangres – Allerlei Herzblut – Lifeblood; this project differs from others, which exist in the Holy Inca Valley or its surroundings, in several basic aspects. Instead of just giving things to the people and then leave, it is our goal to improve their lives based on resources they have combined with special training without changing it fundamentally. The project with the two communities Chaullaccocha and Chupani is  in the first step planned for seven years. Becuase of distance, not many companies works with these communities. Apu Andino works with Chupani and Chaullacocha porters (on the Inca Trail). This way we give work to them so they can support their families.