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With the Community

District of Anccahuasi

This last Sunday (Christmas 2015), we had initiated a little campaign for Christmas for kids with special needs and kids with disabilities. We have just joined with this labor in the District of Anccahuasi, Cusco. For a reason in this tiny place there are more than 50 cases of kids with disabilities, and not just kids there are also adults, they don’t know the exact cause. There is much poverty in the Andes in Peru, but they have even less opportunities to be considered, to be part of the society, especially in our country, where there are many gaps in laws that don’t help at all; these children are neglected by our society and government; we believe there is future for them and want to be part of the change.

Apu Andino went to Anccahuasi on Sunday Dec 14th. We made a great day for this kids!! (Fruit cake and hot chocolate (very traditional in Christmas in Peru), clothes toys for the kids and food supplies for the families. In Peru We call this CHOCOLATADA!!

We would had love to do more but we have just initiated last week, and we know there is short time and that to get it right the period of time should have been longer but we couldn’t say no after all we saw, feelings beat us.

We will be part of a regular project for 2015; in most of the cases moms don’t even know the exact condition of their kids, which is very sad, since without a diagnosis they have no idea about the kind of treatment they need. We are now contacting doctors and volunteers to help them with diagnostics and therapies, also contacting people for donations in order to provide them a better quality of life, considering a place to receive their treatment and purchase the necessary supplements (like beds, sponge balls, wheelchairs, crutches and others). We hope to introduce this labor as part of Apu Andino Social Responsibility in order to consider and assist them constantly; otherwise, according to our experience and everything we have saw, it won’t work. It’s easy to give, but it won’t last unless you are there.

We want to extend the invitation to cooperate with these children; they will appreciate it very much. We will initiate receiving Donations since December 25th 2014 for all 2015 activities. 🙂

If you are travelling with us you can bring toys and clothes for the kids and bring it to us! We will receive all donations through 2015 for all the activities of the year!