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Why Choose Us

Since we totally understand your concern about the differences
between our services and those of other companies, we are
more than happy to give you more details about it!

Some Differences between our Services and the Regular Ones:

  1. Because we’re Serious about Client “Wow”!

    We are always here for you. We are dedicated to providing you with the
    best services. We are a family willing to show our best and give our best;
    you will definitely receive 100% personalized service from us.

  2. We Obsess over the Small Details

    Because we love what you love, we are more than happy to incorporate feedback from our clients into our services.

  3. Our Groups are no Larger than 8 people

    Other companies take more than twenty and even 30 people and, of course, the cost is a lot less. With us you will have personalized services closer to a private trip.

  4. Operate 100% of Services

    Other companies claiming daily departures operate their treks jointly with other companies in service rotation. Hence, you book a departure with tour operator A with the risk that it will actually be operated by tour operator B without you knowing. Even if we only have a single traveler for a set departure date, this will be operated by us.

  5. We Love to be Close to the Mountains!

    As a result we choose routes to avoid big groups on our way. This way we can get closer to the mountains and the landscape. (If you check our itineraries, they are different from those of other companies)

  6. Our Guides have Experience!

    Sometimes other companies hire people that have recently finished their studies and permit these guides to lead groups of more than 20 people. In our opinion, this is very dangerous, and, additionally, having just one guide for a big group is definitely something we don’t agree with. If we do have a client who requests that we take a larger group, we have very experienced guides as well as assistants.

  7. Equality in our team

    As part of our commitment to responsible tourism, we try to schedule guides, cooks and muleteers programs at the beginning of each month. This means that they have more balanced programs (beneficial for those with families) and also have guaranteed work days for the month.

  8. Sustainable Tourism

    We follow both ecologically and economically sustainable and responsible business practices, including above-average wages for our guides, cooks, muleteers and porters. Our policy of booking treks and tours in advance means that our staff can anticipate and depend on Apu Andino’s income. Our staff participates in environmental policy training, and follows these guidelines on our treks. From biodegradables materials to communities inclusion we do our best in order to impact at minimum with our actions on the mountains.

  9. We use Private Transportation

    Instead of local buses, which other companies use to reduce their costs,
    we always provide private transportation. This service allows our clients
    flexibility and privacy.

  10. Your will Love our Camping Equipment

    Your will not have complaints about our equipment as everything is new!
    We check every detail and give high quality service, and for us, having
    great camping equipment is part of it!

  11. Our Cooks are Professionals!

    You won’t have canned food at all: everything will be fresh! It will be so
    good that someone in your group will want to marry our cook! 🙂 (It
    happened once to us! Hahaha… of course the client was just kidding). If
    you have food restrictions, or allergies, this is absolutely no problem. As
    long as we know in advance our cooks are ready for every challenge!

  12. We will always have an Emergency “Ambulance” Horse

    In case of alternative treks (not Inca Trail where animals are not
    permitted), if someone is not able to walk due to sudden illness or injury,
    we have an alternative to get the person safely out. Or, it could be that
    someone needs to ride just one day and then feels better later.

  13. Our Services Include the Porters on the Inca Trail

    Many companies charge extra for porters. We assume that you will want
    to carry your camera and water, snacks and raingear and we take care of
    all the rest, up to 8 kilos.

  14. There is no Weight Limit on our Non-Inca Trail Treks

    On alternative treks our horses and mules will carry your belongings.
    Some companies just tell you to carry your own things or they give you
    up to 7kg or 8kg limit. Additionally we provide you a duffel bag for your
    things and a poncho for you to wear in case of rain.

  15. Good Accommodation

    For treks that include accommodation at Aguas Calientes, we stay at La
    Pequeña Casita which is a very nice place to rest after several days
    walking! In comparison to other companies, we will not be staying in
    basic shared rooms or sharing showers.

  16. Alternative treks include the possibility of climbing Huaynapicchu or
    Machupicchu Mountain!

    We really want our clients to have a complete experience. These climbs
    get you way above the ruins of Machu Picchu and from both vantage
    points you will be able to have great views of Machupicchu. Including
    the opportunity to climb these mountains is not a service included by
    most companies.

  17. We believe that tips are important for our staff – our cooks, porters,
    wranglers and guides0

    We believe in paying good wages but we also believe that exceptional
    service on the part of our staff deserves special recognition by our clients.
    Our hard working staff survive on their wages but they live on their tips.
    They work amazingly hard and you will be pleased with their work. And
    tips help them keep their high morale when working with our groups.

  18. Finally! We are good Folks too

    We treat everyone the same: clients and fellow colleagues alike – the way
    we ourselves wish to be treated, with integrity, respect and sincerity. We
    are passionate about mountains and love what we do. We are proudly:
    “Apu Andino”

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope this gives you a
better idea about the way we give our services and why!