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With Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Nature

Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Nature

We do not count with a certification of Sustainability yet but we do not need that to do things right!

We believe that little things have a big impact!

little thing

Our priority is to reserve all the routes we visit ☺ otherwise in the future we won’t be able to enjoy it ☹. In all our expeditions we collect all the trash and dispose what can be disposed specific places. Please ask for trash bags in each campsite.

Also 2 a year our team goes to each route in order to clean irresponsible Tour Operator trash along each route.

little thing.

As you know there is a lot going on in an office, specially talking about stationery. We use Bulky Paper and we reuse all paper we can!

We have learnt how to separate the trash and getting better on it little by little. We would be lying we tell you that we recycle all the trash we separate but luckily our district does! (Also some other people collect it twice a week). And we provide them all the separate supplies they can reuse and recycle

Is not enough to dispose it! We have to separate it! ☺ and in our place give it to the right people ☺ (90% of the trash can be recycle)

Little thing

We are looking are reducing our footprint all the time!

By disconnecting all devices and turning of general electricity income when we leave the office.

By using the less volume of water each time we use facilities and our little kitchen area. All our office team know this and we are proud of it