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Trekking with Apu Andino

Trek to Machu Picchu With Luxury Tour Operators in Peru

No trek is easy. It is part of the adventure. Apu Andino’s philosophy is to provide treks that are both authentic and accessible. We avoid crowds and get close to the land and the people. However, at the same time we make every effort to make as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.


Apu Andino’s groups are small, no more than eight people, in order to provide a personal experience. We can accomodate special groups larger than this, in which case there will be an assistant guide to insure the same personal experience. Leading the group is a certified guide, fluent in English, Spanish, and Quechua. All of our guides are chosen for their knowledge of the land and its people, their experience on trek, and their friendliness. Our guides are your personal resource to learn about Peru and to help you create those unforgettable moments. Accompanying the group is a support team including porters or wranglers and a professional cook. These important people are indispensible in creating the comfortable camps and excellent food that keep trekkers comfortable and full of energy.

A Day on the Trail

Days on trek begin early, frequently by 6:00. Mornings are chilly in the mountains, but you will be woken with hot tea and hot water for washing. After time to get ready and pack your gear, a hearty breakfast is served in the dining tent. Ready to go, the support team finishes packing up camp while we start hiking, typically by 8:00, although some days may begin before dawn. Along the way, you will learn about Inca sites, relgion, and culture, flora and fauna, the history of Peru, and tales that are still told in the mountains. Occasionally we will pass through small settlements or meet campesinos and their animals. Some mornings are easy, but many are difficult, hiking up hills or climbing stairs, and our labors are rewarded by the magnificent views from the passes and a chance to relax with a hot lunch.

After lunch we continue on to our campsite. By the time that we arrive, the wranglers or porters will have started setting up camp. You may take a nap, or, if still energetic, take side hikes to explore the area. As the sun begins to set, the cooks serve tea–hot beverages and a selection of goodies. This is the time that people gather in the dining tent to snack, talk, and play games while waiting for dinner, a three-course meal giving people an opportunity to sample the best that Peruvian cuisine has to offer. You can linger, telling stories and laughing over dessert and tea, but freequently the full days mean that nothing is better than to retire early to your tent in order to get plenty of sleep for the next day.


The one thing that our clients always rave about is our food. You are well-fed on trek with ample, nutritious food prepared fresh by a professional cook. Meals are a mix of traditional Peruvian dishes and new fusion cuisine, designed to provide the energy, nutrients, and protein that you need on trek. Each dish is unique and fresh–no packaged foods here–and is a experience in and of itself. We are happy to accomodate special diets, including vegetarian and allergies, just let us know. The following is an example of the meals on trek:

  • Wake-up tea: Hot mate de coca, tea, or coffee is delivered to your tent every morning to help you wake-up and warm-up for the day ahead
  • Breakfast: Hot beverages, pastry and toast with butter and jam, followed by hot porriage of different grains, and then a hot cooked mail entre, such as crepes, pancakes, or omelets.
  • On-trail snacks: A selection of fresh fruit, chocolates, crackers, and cookies to keep energy up
  • Lunch: Fresh juice and hot beverages with an appetized such as avocados a la reyna, followed fresh vegetable soup, and then a main dish, such as escabeche de pollo with boiled vegetables.
  • Tea/Happy Hour: Hot beverages, crackers and cookies, and a selection of hot goodies such as popcorn or fried wontons.
  • Dinner: Soup, followed by a main dish such as lomo soltado with rice, and finished off by a light dessert.


Please bring a re-usable water bottle on your trek. We provide safe, boiled water for trekkers to fill their bottles with at each meal stop. Bottled water is available on some treks, such as Inca Trail, but we discourage this as it produces unnecessary garbage.

Camping equipment

We use high-quality camping equipment in excellent condition, including:

  • Weather-proof, 4-season, 3-person tents (High Sierra Design, Eureka, MountainSmith, and Northface) for two people, leaving plenty of room to stretch out and stash gear
  • Thermarest and foam pad
  • Dining tent with table, camp stools, table, lamp, and eating utensils
  • Kitchen tent staffed by a professional cook
  • Toilet tent