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Reasons to Book the Inca Trail, Alternatives Treks & Day Tours with Apu Andino

Your already know you want to have this hike!

Reasons why to be fast to book Inca Trail & Alternatives Treks:

  1. Inca Trail spots run out very fast. As you may know Inca Trail spots are 500 per day, these 500 spots are for Guides, porters Tourist and even for 2 Inca Trails routes (The 4 Days one and the 2 Day one).
  2. Unfortunately availability is the same for all Tour Operators in Peru, and this is administrated by the government (Ministry of Culture), once spots are gone on a date we won’t be able to reserve anything else on the same date, now even if there is a cancellation, no one can replace anyone on the Inca Trail. (Regulations are very strict about this).
  3. In case of alternatives treks, we need at least 1 month in advance. Because we’re serious about client “Wow”!  We need to work in every single detail, having enough time will let us provide you with the best of the services.

Besides our alternatives treks include the possibility to climb Machupicchu Mountain or Huaynapicchu Mountain (according to availability).These spots run out as fast as Inca Trail spots. If you are interested in climbing one of these mountains you definitely need to book in advance in order to ensure your spot.

Feel free to send us and email to: or, we will be there and very happy to assist you with your booking process.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope this gives you a better idea about the way we give our services and why!

Kind regards from Cusco,

Team Apu Andino