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10 Amazing Facts On Amazon Jungle

Spreading across Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, and a few other countries, the rainforests of Amazon is rich in bio-diversity. There are many attributes that make Amazon a unique region. Do you know that this jungle covers almost 40% of the South America?

There are many jaw-dropping facts related to this jungle. Want to know more? Then read on:

1. There are 1500 plant species, 750 species of tree, in each 2.47 acres of land in Amazon. Out of these, 438,000 plant species are registered as having economic benefit.

2. You’ll find 300 varieties of non-lizard reptiles, 175 species of reptiles, and 500 varieties of mammals. The Amazon jungle also contains one-third of the total population of birds in the world. There are 30 million species of insects in this jungle.

3. 20% of the total oxygen on Earth is derived from the jungles of Amazon.

4. The Amazon river receives water from the melting glaciers of the Peruvian Andes. This river contains 16% of the total water of the rivers across the globe. Every minute the Amazon river empties 28 billion gallons of water into the Atlantic Ocean. This river has almost 1100 tributaries and the size of its drainage basin is 2,722,000 square miles.

5. The ecosystem of this forest is unique and delicate. Each of the animals is tightly knitted in this rain forest ecosystem. Each plant and animal rely on one another for survival. Any dis-balance is, therefore, harmful.

6. The weather in this region is very humid. The difference between day and night temperature is huge. The average temperature in Amazon region is 79 °F.

7. The forest floor receives only 2% sunlight. This is why the forest floor consists of mainly decomposing trees and plants. The layer just above this receives 2-5% of sunlight. This layer is packed with dense leaves.

8. The canopy is the second layer to the topmost layer of the Amazon forest. Proximity to sunlight makes its leaves small.

9. The topmost layer of Amazon forest is the emergent layer. These are mostly the trees that are 200 feet tall. The leaves are very small and contain wax for retaining water.

10. There are almost 200,000 native tribes living in the Amazon region.

Every year a good number of tourists take amazon jungle tours to explore the extraordinary bio-diversity of the forest. We hope that these facts are enough to grab your interest. If you are looking for Peru amazon tours, then you can always get in touch with us. Also, you can take a look at our Tambopata jungle tours. For further information contact us at

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