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4 Tips For Trekkers To Think About Before Departing For Machu Picchu

All set for the Machu Picchu trekking? Or, are you still missing out on something important? If yes, then these tips here will help you get organized.

Book your Tour in Advance

Peru is one of the most visited countries of South America for its adventurous trekking experience along the Incan trail. For this reason thousands and thousands of tourists from all over the world visit every year, but all are not given the permission for trekking or hiking. Only 500 permits are issued for hiking. We’re sure you’d definitely want to grab the opportunity. So, why wait and book later? Book your tour four to six months in advance. You can also book your tour with us.

Pack Essentials…but don’t Overpack

Essentials such as a sleeping mat, torch, and other hiking gears should be packed first. But, remember to pack light. Do not overdo it as you’ll repent later. You’ll need to walk throughout the day, this can only be possible if you wear comfortable clothing, shoes, and carry a lightweight backpack. Don’t forget to carry your camera, on-the-go snacks, water bottle and wet weather gears.

Machu Picchu Trekking

Practice Lunges & Squats

This is a very important point to consider as we don’t want you to come back with a twisted ankle or sprained feet. The trek up the Incan trail to Machu Picchu requires you to carry out 12,000 lunges in a row. Surprised? But, as a matter of fact, it’s true! If you practice lunges and squates on a regular basis before setting out for your trek, chances are you’ll feel fit ad stay active throughout the trek ad enjoy it to the fullest.

Acclimatize Well

The highest point of the Incan trail is 4.2 km above sea level. Yes, that’s right! Some of you might suffer from altitude sickness – dizziness, nose bleeds, headaches. To avoid this we recommend that you must acclimatize yourself with the surrounding well beforehand. You can stay at Cusco for 2 days before you start your trek. This will help you relax and prepare for the upcoming trek more efficiently.

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