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Tips For Machu Picchu Hikers To Stay Safe

Taking the trail to Machu Picchu will give you the most rewarding experience in your life. Hiking for four days through rocky terrains, high altitudes and of course, the ancient ruins of the Incas will leave you fulfilled. You can take the Classic Inca trail or go for Socma hiking, both will offer you an adventurous retreat. Machu Picchu hiking tours are generally challenging to your body.

Here are a few tips before you start hiking to Machu Picchu

1. Make a proper plan and get a good agency that offers Machu Picchu tour packages (like us). Compare the prices and see what extra services they are offering. The Peruvian authorities issue a limited number of permits for the travellers. So, book them in advance.

2. Pick a suitable date. If you are a nature lover, you can go for any date between April and May. The valley is in full bloom during those months. The time between September and November is less crowded. Avoid choosing a date between December and March. It’s the rainy season during those months and the ground is very slippery.

3. Exercise prior to your trip. This will improve your body fitness. The high altitude trek can get you fatigued if your body is not prepared for such physical strain. Also, arrive at Cusco 2-3 days prior to your trek. Cusco is situated 3300 meters above the sea level. This will help your body to get accustomed with the high altitude and you won’t suffer from altitude sickness during your trek.

4. Get appropriate hiking gears. A few things such as good quality hiking shoes, raincoat, thermal sweaters and t-shirts are a must. Also, get a good thermal sleeping bag. The weather turns chilly when you reach the highest point during the second day of your trek.

5. Carry important medicines and snacks. If you are suffering from particular medical condition, then keeping the medicines handy will help you during the trek. Also, keeping light snacks such as bar of chocolate and dry fruit will give you the additional energy during the trek. After you

We hope that these five tips will help you to prepare for the you trek to Machu Picchu. If you are planning to take the trek shortly, then get in touch with us. We offer best Machu Picchu tour packages and a more personalized experience. Get in touch with us today at

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