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Lowdown on Inca’s Customs and Traditions

Much of what you know about the Inca Civilization is from the history books. A majority of it is still unexplored. The culture and tradition of the Inca Civilization have always been a bit of mystery. Experts all over the world are still uncovering the strange aspects of this ancient civilization.

So, if you are contemplating a visit to Peru, here is a lowdown on the intriguing customs and traditions of the Inca civilization:

  • The Incas were smitten by the beauty of deformed skull. Whenever a child was born, they would tightly wrap the child’s head with bandages, creating pressure points on the different part of the skull. This limited the skull growth on that particular part.
  • Incas practiced a custom of making holes in the skulls of living people for healing deep wounds and other ailments of the head.
  • Incas practiced cannibalism. Though this was ritualistic. They believed that they will inherit the powers of the person by consuming their flesh.

Traditions of the Incas

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  • The Capac Raymi and Inti Raymi is the most important part of the Inca culture. This ceremony is organized during the summer and winter solstice. Capac Raymi organized during summer solstice is an initiation ceremony for the youths of the ruling class. Inti Raymi was the ceremony to honor the Sun God. During the winter solstice, Sun is at the farthest point from Earth and fearing misfortune, Incas urged the Sun God to return.
  • Capacocha was a sacrificial ceremony that took place every year. The Incas selected children’s from all across the empire and prepared them for this ceremony. These children were sacrificed to the Sun God. The children were either killed or buried alive as a part of this custom.
  • Incas believed in the afterlife. So, during the burial, men and women were wrapped in tapestries. Objects such as weapons, pottery,food, gold and jewelry accompanied the deceased. Bodies were buried in sitting position and were placed in vaults.

Inca Culture

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  • As a part of their tradition, the Incas stretched their earlobes.
  • The Incas had several Gods. The most important of them was the Sun God and his wife, the Moon Goddess. The Incas believed that in the absence of the Sun God, his wife takes over his duties.

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